Emanuel Sferios
Emanuel SferiosProducer & Director
Emanuel Sferios is an activist, educator and harm reduction advocate. Founding DanceSafe in 1998 and starting the first laboratory pill analysis program for ecstasy users that same year (now hosted at Ecstasydata.org), Emanuel pioneered MDMA harm reduction services in the United States. His MDMA Neurochemistry Slideshow has been viewed over 30 million times and remains a primary educational resource for physicians, teachers, drug abuse prevention counselors and MDMA users alike. Emanuel resigned from DanceSafe in 2001 and went on to work in other areas of popular education and harm reduction. He has recently come back as a volunteer. Oh! And he’s making a movie.
Basil Galloway
Basil GallowayDirector of Photography
Basil attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied literature and film. He produced his first short film in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009 and has worked on music videos, documentaries, commercials, and narrative film full time since then. He is currently director of photography at Heartwave Media and Last Wave Films, and he has worked with numerous production companies and directors from the Bay Area to LA and Berlin. He runs a studio in Oakland churning out creative and commercial content of all stripes. His focus on combining classical technique with the new approaches to the craft of film-making define his ongoing dedication to creating compelling images.
Mike Power
Mike PowerDirector's Consultant
Mike Power is an award-winning investigative journalist and author specializing in drugs, science and technology. His book, Drugs 2.0 – The Web Revolution That’s Changing How The World Gets High, documents the emergence of a digital drug culture, from the first ever online drug deal to the paradigm-shifting Silk Road market, and the explosion of Bitcoin and the Dark Web. In his investigation Drugs Unlimited, he revealed how organized criminals are forming alliances with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to commission new compounds that emulate the effects of banned drugs, but which remain legal. That report won him the British Science Writers Association’s prize for best investigative journalism 2014. He writes news, features, and comment for the Guardian, Vice, Mixmag, the Mail On Sunday, Matter and Drugscope.
Shawn Thomas Odyssey
Shawn Thomas OdysseyMusic Director
Shawn is a film, television, and video game music composer, as well as an Edgar and Agatha award nominated author, an actor, and a filmmaker. Shawn grew up in Bakersfield, California where he developed an early passion for books and music. He began playing guitar and piano at age thirteen and soon developed an interest in classical music. In 2000 Shawn began working with film music composers Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimeck, and Bruce Winter, together creating soundtracks for films such as Blood and Chocolate (2007), Land of the Dead (2005), The Cave (2005), Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005), Iron Jawed Angels (HBO) (2004), as well as music for the iconic television series Deadwood (HBO) (2006), and Without A Trace (CBS) (2002).
Scott Hudek
Scott HudekProduction Assistant
Scott is a journalist, activist, and artist who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. A two-time combat veteran of Iraq, Scott served six years in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces specialist. He studied Political Science and Journalism at Northern Illinois University and has worked as a reporter and anchor for NTC News and The Northern Star in DeKalb, Illinois.

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