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MDMA The Movie – We Have Begun Editing!

I’m happy to announce that we have begun editing! Although we still have more filming to do, we have started putting together some rough cut scenes of the footage we already have. This is a time-consuming process, but it’s also very exciting to see the film start to take shape. I’ve been told that editing is where the magic happens, and I can now testify that this is in fact true.

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Taiwanese Police Arrest Teenager High on MDMA, Then Buy Him a Birthday Cake

In an unusual story reported by ET Today, a 17-year-old teenager was arrested on the night before his 18th birthday while high on MDMA. Rather than forcing the boy to spend the night alone, the cops bought him a birthday cake and threw him a party.

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MDMA The Movie – We’ve Almost Finished Production!

We are proud to announce that we’re almost finished with production. We’ve shot about three-quarters of the movie so far and we can honestly say that we have absolutely the most incredible footage ever filmed on the subject of MDMA. Our next step is to raise more money to finish filming and then move into post production editing. We have a trip to Europe ahead as well as a half dozen or so more shoots here in the US, and will be launching our second crowdfunding campaign soon.

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An Evening on MDMA in San Francisco’s Mission District

On Sunday evening, March 13th, NED events hosted a special edition on MDMA with DanceSafe founder, Emanuel Sferios, and MAPS Clinical Research Scientist, Berra Yazar-Klosinksi, Ph.D. During the hour and twenty minute presentation Emanuel discusses his upcoming documentary, MDMA The Movie, as well as why he thinks MDMA will be the second illicit drug legalized after cannabis. Berra presents details of the MAPS MDMA clinical trials. Presented here is the evening in full, including the very interesting question and answer session. We hope you enjoy it.

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2016 – A New Years Update from MDMA The Movie

January 19, 2016
By Emanuel Sferios

Hello supporters,

It’s been a few months since our last update and we’ve made some great progress lately. But before we tell you what we’ve done, we want to thank our most recent donors and investors. These include Robert J Barnhart, who donated $10,000. Robert is on the board of

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Is Los Angeles Going to Ban EDM Festivals? Reflections on the Nov 5th Rave Task Force Meeting

November 6, 2015 — I had the opportunity yesterday to attend the second meeting of the Los Angeles County Electronic Music Festival Task Force. The task force was established by the County Board of Supervisors in response to the tragic deaths of two young people, Tracy Nguyen and Katie Dix, at the HARD Summer Music Festival on August 1st, 2015. Its purpose is to advise the board on whether they should continue to allow EDM festivals on county property, and if so what measures should be undertaken to protect public safety.

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Investors, Alligators and the White House – An Update from MDMA The Movie

November 3, 2015 — We recently traveled to Lake City, Florida to film the story of two Iraq veterans who underwent MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat their PTSD. While we can’t tell you too many details (we don’t want to give too much away before the film is released) we can say that the footage we obtained was incredible!

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MDMA The Movie Progress Update

July 1, 2015 — Things have been progressing quickly since the end of our first crowdfunding campaign. We have had two very successful film shoots, and while we can't reveal all the details, let's just say that as part of the documentary we will be telling the stories of various MDMA users, part of which will include showing them on the drug itself. These include veterans and other PTSD survivors, couples who use it for therapeutic purposes, festival goers and other recreational users.

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The Making of a Harm Reduction Activist – How MDMA Changed My Life (Part I)

In this autobiographical narrative, DanceSafe founder Emanuel Sferios describes his growth from an angst-filled punk rock teenager to a professional drug educator and harm reduction advocate. Candid, entertaining and educational, this is the first part in a series of articles that not only details the personal story of a pioneering harm reduction activist, but presents a compelling case for the legal regulation of drugs.

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Historic DEA “Anti-Ecstasy” Patch Shows Grim Reaper with Pacifier, Glow Sticks

This is an exact replica of a Drug Enforcement Administration patch designed for their 2002 International Conference on Ecstasy and Club Drugs. 100% embroidered with iron-on backing, we've ordered fifty to these and will be shipping them out the day our crowdfunding campaign ends. This patch was part of the DEA's anti-ecstasy crusade that began in 1999 and culminated in the RAVE Act, an extension of the crack-house laws that allowed promoters to be prosecuted if their customers were using drugs.

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